About Donald

Donald, operates under one mantra: Nothing is impossible. The word "problem" does not exist in Donald's vocabulary; everything is simply a challenge waiting to be overcome.  As a Realtor, Donald enjoys exploring the market  like a puzzle and a challenge using his many years of listing homes like yours. Thousands of clients  have benefitted from Donald's advocacy, as he believes there is always a solution and works tirelessly to find it. Having witnessed several markets over the last 22 years.  Donald  seeks excellence in everything he does in real estate.  Each listing  allows him to act as an  expert and overcome  issues that help him to grow professionally all in the client's benefit. Before becoming a Realtor , Donald  worked for a large chemical company in hospitality, where he learned to always work in the client's best interest and never give up on a challenge. Ultimately, clients can expect a sincere, persistent work ethic from Donald as well as his adventurous spirit .

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